Zoho CRM To GetResponse Integration

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Integrating two apps was once a big task. Soon after understanding the necessity of integration all SaaS companies started to offer APIs for easy integration. This article is about integrating Zoho CRM to GetResponse email marketing tool, let us understand the backend of integration first.


What is API?

Application program interface (API) is a communication tool which establishes a protocol and data transfer between two tools or applications.

What is OAuth:-

OAuth (Open Authorization) is the key for approving the transfer between to applications. The alpha numeric code is like a password between two application.

Zoho CRM and Integration:-

Zoho is the daddy of India SaaS. Zoho CRM is a popular and widely used Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool. Zoho provides ‘n’ number of integration to all most all applications.

The latest trend in Digital Marketing is email marketing. CRM was used to manage the status of a lead or potential, but email marketing tools have taken CRM to next level with integration to email marketing tools. Zoho CRM provides integration to all leading email marketing tools.

GetResponse email marketing tool:-

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tool available in the market. Its feature includes,

  • Newsletter campaign
  • Auto responders
  • Drip campaigns or workflow automation
  • Create form
  • Landing page for lead generation
  • Webinar campaigns

GetResponse too provides integration to all applications.

How To integrate Zoho CRM To GetResponse:-

How to integrate Zoho CRM to GetResponse is the crux of this article. There are some steps involved in both Zoho CRM and GetResponse.

Zoho CRM:-

  1. Login in to your Zoho CRM
  2. Click settings icon in the top right
  3. Click setup go to Extensions & APIs tab
  4.  Click APIs and see CRM API tab in the first
  5. Click the Gear icon the top rightzoho-crm-to-getresponse-integration
  6. Click Authentication Token Generation link
  7. Enter application name in the browser mode field as you like
  8. Click generate button and a OAuth code will be generated in a new tab


  1. Login to your GetResponse email marketing tool
  2. Click account icon and go to integrations
  3. Look for Zoho icon
  4. Click it, you can see the Auth token field
  5. Enter the OAuth code generated from Zoho into the field
  6. Click connect a Zoho
  7. Thats it you can import all the contacts you neededZoho CRM To GetResponse


Once the integration has been done, email campaigns can be started.

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