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I am not a movie buff. I watch films rarely. But I love watching movies of all languages. The global language that is known is only English. When I came across a movie teaser on YouTube, I want to see that movie whatever it takes. But I was just struck how to watch. When saw the plot of the movie I was so keen on watching the movie. But how to watch it? It’s in another language. At that time I came across subscene, a place where you can find subtitles for all language films.

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Find subtitle of any movie:-

Go to subscene and search for the film that you need subtitle and download it and enjoy the movie. You can subtitles by many people. Many people have uploaded subtitles. Download the zip file, copy the file and paste it the file where you have the film. In case you are watching the film in vlc, after copying the subtitle file, play the movie and right click in the movie window and select subtitle and choose the subtitle that you have pasted in the same folder.

In case you are burning the movie in DVD/BLUERAY burn the subtitle with the move and hit the subtitle button on the remote. That’s it now you can find all subtitle and watch your favorite movie of all languages. Now it’s time for movies !

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