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Hi all 😀 Everyday we search something in internet,we end up with what we what and sometimes not(if you use Google there is no option of not). So how will you search (1)Something which you shared in Facebook,other social networking site,sent/received in your mail? (2)Something you know,but forgot? Never worry i have a solution for it.

greplin iphone search

Yes Gerplin it is.Gerplin allows you to search all your online data in one place. Login create an account>Indexes>add your Indexes.An app will ask for permission for accessing your account allow it that’s it it’ll read all your previous post/mail.Next thing is searching in Gerplin

After adding Indexes search anything.Example i searched for KOLAVERI what i got is

kolaveri search

you can see what people in my profile say and a chat with my friend is also seen here.WTH??? The point is privacy,i see all my personal message in search that’s not nice.I’m in touch with the developers of Greplin about this issue.Greplin has two Indexes one is Free and another is Premium.The services are Greplin Free:

Gmail Google Docs Google Calendar Facebook Twitter Dropbox LinkedIn Greplin Premium: Google Apps Mail Google Apps Calendar Google Apps Docs Salesforce Yammer Basecamp Evernote Google Reader Delicious You can choose premium plan which cost just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. It’s available for iPhone,you can download it from app store and a Chrome app is also available. You can either create an account nor get invite from your friend.If you can create your own account why you need an invite from anyone else? Just sign up and enjoy your own world of personal search engine. 🙂

greplin supporting apps

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