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The mobile apps segment is growing big, everything in your palm. Smartphones play a major role in our lives. Smartphones are affordable and there are many free apps to make our life easy. The first app that everyone install is an app for news. There are many news apps in the market, news papers and news channels have their own app, but NewsHunt has all news and publications in one single app.

Started in the year 2009 with Symbian, and J2ME and now available in all platforms, NewsHunt is the app that gives you an option of reading the news in your regional language. The feeling of reading the news in your regional language is something different. Keeping that in mind, verse has developed a news app that is available on all platforms that includes news in all regional languages. With 52 Million downloads and 1.7 Million Monthly Pageviews, NewsHunt is the number one app in Google Play store, Windows app store and iTunes. The app has won many awards, some includes mBillionth 2013 Award for News and Journalism, Nielsen, and NASSCOM Emerge AppFame. NewsHunt application will fetch news from 100 plus Publications that includes 25000 plus Articles that are Published Daily.

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After making it number one in news category the app developers want to take on the ebook space, with 3 Million eBook Downloads NewsHunt is the one of the most downloaded app in all the platforms. NewsHunt is available with 87 Newspapers in 12 plus different languages including ebooks. NewsHunt is available on all platforms and devices, including J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Android & iOS. Will this app kill all the newspaper? Already it has done the maximum damage to all newspapers and news channels, still way to go. You can access Hindi newspapers from here.

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