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Now that it has finally been unveiled what all Apple had been working on for iOS 9, it is only understandable that users all over the world have a wish list of features and apps they want to see incorporated in the next update of the iOS, the iOS 10. Expected to be announced in June 2016, which is when all Apple software information is generally announced, iOS 10 is anticipated to be the bombshell of all operating systems. iOS 9 showed innumerable improvements and improved user interface and utility with the introduction of Proactive Assistant, Apple Pay, better Siri responses, improved News and Maps, longer battery life etc. However, there is still so much more the company has the potential to offer to its users and thus, the loyal Apple fans have a wish list of features they expect to see in iOS 10. Here are several things which were missed out in iOS 9 and more expected in iOS 10:

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  1. Improve organization of notifications

First and foremost, an organization of notifications should be altered. Instead of displaying all the unnecessary email and app notifications first, Apple should design the notifications’ display to show the latest notifications first, so as to save the scrolling time.

  1. Work on cache data collection

Even iOS 9 showed no improvement in eliminating the pile of cache data that the phone collects while being used. This cache takes up a lot of space in the system’s memory and is almost impossible to get rid of. Thus, iOS 10 should focus on eliminating the collection cache data in order to make more space in the system’s memory.


  1. Even better Siri

Siri seemed like the best feature about Apple until Google launched its own phone assistant – Google Now. As compared to Google Now, Siri seems outdated and slow. Thus, an improvement in Siri’s response speed and spontaneity would be great.

  1. Easy dealing with Extensions

iOS 9 failed to facilitate finding extensions to enable easy data sharing between apps. Since the main purpose of the app is to enhance data sharing between apps, iOS 10 should focus more on making these extensions more easily accessible.

  1. Support third-party apps

Android users have an upper edge with using apps because the system gives them the liberty to download and use third-party apps. Although Apple is restricted in this matter, support for some third-party apps such as a keyboard will be warmly appreciated.

  1. Ease with multitasking

Lastly, Apple needs to really enhance the multitasking ability of the iPhone 8 in iOS 10 since its Android competitors are leading the in that aspect right now, with Google Android M.

Other items in the wish list include Group Facetime, availability of Pro-apps on iPad and multiple user facility.

It is important for Apple to live up to the expectations of its users so as to maintain the loyalty and stay at par with daily improving technology. iOS 10 has a lot of hopes banking on it and Apple shows promise to fulfil them.

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