Why We Love Wireless

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It wasn’t really all that long ago that everything needed cables. Not only did the dreaded lead create a dangerous trip hazard, but they were always getting damaged. Many cables, like the old style monitor cables, for example, had pins that were incredibly easy to bend. And once your cable is damaged, you can’t use all those essential technologies for running your business or communicating.

Thankfully, the days of cables are numbered. Data speeds are so fast now that you can enjoy internet access on almost any device almost anywhere. And guess what? No cables! Wifi is perhaps one of the best inventions that we all use daily. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Almost every part of our lives are now that much better since we through out the cables. Laptops with longer life batteries mean we can do almost a day of work without needing a cable to recharge. And some phones can go a week without needing to be plugged in.


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It was always the full-size keyboard and easy to use mouse that kept so many people cabled to their work desks. Fortunately, even these handy peripherals are cable-free on a wireless Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is one of those handy communication tools that allow plenty of different devices to connect. It doesn’t matter about the brand, type, or even budget. If it has Bluetooth connectivity, you can probably use it with your computer or phone.

Speaker systems utilizing Bluetooth technologies have become better and better. Websites like Speaker Digital have offered an insight into what you can get for your money these days too. Headphones and earbuds are also available with Bluetooth connectivity. Wired headphones have been a nuisance since before the eighties. But now, there is no danger of quick arm movement ripping them out of your ears.

Infrared has been around for decades too. It is mostly used in remote controls for TVs and sound systems. A move toward Bluetooth connectivity means you no longer need that line of sight. Some products, like the Amazon Fire TV box, already use this so you can hide away items you don’t want on display. Smart TVs can now be controlled through Wifi connectivity with an app on your phone. If nothing else, it’s a great way to wind the kids up from another room!


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Even around the house, new technologies are available to help you be free of the wires. Vacuum cleaners offer the freedom of movement without the hazard of tripping over the cable. You can choose from a robot vacuum or a powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and very easy to maneuver. Lighting systems can be app controlled from your phone. Even your heating and cooling system can be app managed now.

What does the future hold? There has been a lot of research into wireless power supplies. This means you won’t have to plug in your appliances or even chargers into the mains anymore. Will it work for your home? Only time will tell. For now, we can enjoy the promise of life without any more cables.


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