Top 3 Ways to Get Premium Software for Free.

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Top 3 Ways to Get Premium Software for Free:-

how to get it for free

If you’re tired of continuously paying for licensed programs and version updates whether you are Mac or Windows user, then here are free ways to get licensed software. Don’t be surprised, this is not freeware, but a full-weight shareware downloads. Doing a quick search online, you will find numerous software giveaways, freebies, “pay with a tweet or like” offers and even more. If you have a personal blog or website, you can simply look for vendors giving away their product for the link or a short review. There typically exist different ways of such “payment” depending on the promotion conditions and the vendor’s policy. Such strategy is helping product manufacturers to popularize their stuff and broaden the audience.

In this article we’ll help you discover 3 most reliable online sources of free premium software. Save your money getting the latest groundbreaking apps without paying a cent.

Giveaway Of The Day

Giveaway of the Day is the biggest giveaway service providing the commercially licensed programs for both Windows and Mac OS. Every software published on this website is completely free within 24 hours period. Bear in mind that a program activation on your computer is available on the same date. Additionally, don’t expect to get any tech or customer support as well as new version updates. The principle advantage of Giveaway of the day is multilingual support incl. English, French, Germany, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian and Japanese.

Pay With A Tweet

Pay with a Tweet is a social payment system helping software publishers promote their content via Twitter or Facebook. However, you will not find software any downloads or links on Pay with a Tweet website. The best way to look for participating vendors is a Google Images search tool. Here’s how it works:

  • Open “Pay with a Tweet” website in your Google Chrome;
  • Open Google Images search tool in the new tab;
  • Drag and drop “Pay with a Tweet” button image from their website directly into the Google search string;
  • You will see numerous results where people are paying each other with a tweet and there are lots of software offers among them;
  • After you make a tweet, you will be provided with a download link. So easy!


Giftviser is a promotional platform where you can find various software products and services free of charge or with massive discounts. To get the desired product, you need to do a one simple thing – tell your email contacts that you’re getting software for free at Giftviser. The discount level depends on the number of your contacts, e.g. Sending to 50+ contacts gives you free software. If less than 50 – you get a discount from the vendor. These rates actually depend on any particular vendor. Anyway, it sounds quite fair and easy to carry out.

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