Top 10 Feature Wishlist for iOS 10

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Eventually, the iOS 9 has made its way to the complex world of tech. I hope that what you expected from this mobile OS is what you have indeed got in it. Quite insanely, the rumours about the iOS 10 have already made their way to the online rumour mill. Rather than diving into the world of rumours and making any virtual image of possible features of iOS 10, it’s better to rely of reliable sources if there are any. Well, our wishlist for top features that we’d love to see in iOS9 is already out there. Do check it out in the next section.


Simple and Intuitive User-Interface

We are not shying of seeing any new features in iOS 10. But, that should not come at the cost of making the interface complex. We wish Apple to make it even more simple and intuitive than what we’ve ever got from the tech giant.

Better Siri

Siri has always been the most eye-catching feature of any version of Apple iOS. No doubts the feature is just awesome, and touches a new end always, but, still, fields of improvements exist. We wish to see improved version of Siri in Apple iOS 10.

Better Battery Performance

Battery performance is what always seems to be less no matter how good it is. This shows the greedy nature of human beings. Anyways, keeping that nature intact, we wish Apple to bring better battery performance in iOS 10.

Improvement in Support for Keyboard Apps

Improvement in support for keyboard apps was expected to see in iOS 9, but, it just did not happen. We wish to see the desired improvement in Apple iOS 10.

Third-Party Developers’s Access to Siri

Siri is awesome, no doubts, but, if Apple gives access powers to third-party developers, then it can touch even higher peaks of awesomeness. We just hope it happens in iOS 10.

Better Notifications Panel

Notification panel has got blessed with improvement in iOS 9. But, the improvement is not good up to desires of anyone. So, this is where we seek improvement. We hope to see better notification panel in iOS 10.

No More ‘Imposed’ iTunes

iTunes is good, but we just don’t want Apple to forcibly impose it on us. So, no more ‘imposed’ iTunes is the feature we want to send to hears of Apple. Hope it reaches there.

Removal Powers for Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-installed apps are not always good. Many apps are not of use at all. We wish to get power in our hands to remove the pre-installed apps. We seriously wish to get that it in iOS 10.

Improvement in Apple Maps

Apple Maps is good, but far away from Google Apps. Hope to see improvement so that it becomes rival in true sense.


Alternatives to Spotify

Last wish is to see alternatives to Spotify. Again, a wish coming from the core of heart of an avid Apple fan.

What do you wish to see in iOS 10? Do tell us in the comment section.


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