Tmart review-202 Sport Headset MP3 Player with TF Card Reader.

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Music the stress buster of our life. There is a song for everyone at for every state of mind. Hearing music was once a hobby and now a part of life. Everyone wants to take music in their hand. There are lots of products available to hear music from Tmart. Technology development made lots of changes in the sound space. Popular saying nowadays earphones on, World shutdowns. Once there were only transistors to hear music. Then came CD/DVD players and today there are many handy Mp3 players. All most all MP3 players have wire and need to be recharged often.

202 headphone

usb powered

Some players look good, but when we plug it in our ears, it won’t be comfortable. Many Mp3 have good design, but no comfort. So waste of money. This makes as annoying. When we are riding a car or bike you cannot change song tracks because of its lengthy wire and bulk player. There is no The charge would go down when you hear your favorite music. Frustrating isn’tSo we need an Mp3 player which is handy and easily usable. The basic requirement of for all music lovers is good battery life. Imagine an MP3 player which can record, has a playback time of 10 plus hours.Here is what you are looking for, Tmart 202 Sport Headset MP3 Player with TF Card Reader Green . This Mp3 headset is powerful, lightweight and has good battery life.


mp3 player for

*Card reader mp3 player

*Supports Micro SD/TD Memory card up to 32GB

*Record support

*Plays audio format of WMA and Mp3

lithium ion battery


This sporty headset supports 32 GB, hell yeah! No need to delete and copy songs often. It has inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged via USB with a wire provided with the headset Mp3 player. Charge it for  approximately 1.5 hours and enjoy 10 plus hours of audio playback. This closed, dynamic headphone fits in your ear perfectly, comfortably. Plug and play Mp3 headphone.

batterymp3 headphone

USB mini-B jack and Hi-speed USB 2.0 compatibility makes data transfer fast and easy. Weighing 35 grams and 16.5*15.4cm in size. The weight and size adds more comfort and user friendly.  Inbuilt rechargeable battery, 32GB memory support, 10 plus hour playback time, new and stylish design, so what you are still looking for? Go ahead and buy and enjoy your favorite music.




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  1. rocky cruz says:

    Never buy a Chinese product. It never works.

    • UMASHANKAR says:

      You need to change your thought first. Why can’t you give it a try ? Free shipping .

  2. Zhongni says:

    Wow, looks cool. Need one when I workout.

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