The Types Of Content You Can’t Afford To Neglect

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Every little crevice of the internet is filled with content, and more is being churned out so fast it makes your head spin! This has added a whole new facet to digital marketing, but it’s been somewhat of a double-edged sword. Because the web is so saturated with different content, we’re starting to see consumers feeling overwhelmed and drifting away from it. If you’re afraid your content marketing is becoming a little dry, then here’s some of the types you should be focussing on.


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First of all, games and other interactive content. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a slight rise in “gamification” in the world of businesses, but a lot of marketers have been very slow to adopt it. Billions of people are avid gamers, and although branded games are more popular, you can still appeal to this massive demographic by utilising games and interactive content. Okay, the substantial cost of professional game and app development is pretty scary. It’s certainly going to cost more than a professional blog post! However, if you make the content appealing enough, the ROI can be massive. Big brands like WWE and McDonalds have already started utilising this kind of content, and as a result their engagement times have greatly reduced.


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The next type of content which you can’t afford to ignore is live streaming and video content in general. How much time do you spend on YouTube a day? If you’re like most people, you use it so much that the answer is going to be hard to pin down! Few of us can open a browser without ending up going through a chain of different videos. As you can tell, there’s simply too much potential in video marketing to neglect it. Try creating some short, engaging videos related to your business, promoting it on all the right channels, and see where it gets you. It may be worth outsourcing your promotion to a company like Myfollowersherd to give your content a kick-start. Live streaming especially is becoming more and more relevant as a modern marketing tool. Facebook and Snapchat, two giants of social media, now have in-built features for live streaming, and more brands are taking advantage of it every day.


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Finally, user generated content. If the noughties’ social media explosion has taught us anything, it’s that people love making their voices heard on the internet. A lot of businesses have caught on, establishing designated social media teams and forums on their website. Others have gone one step further, and have been actively encouraging and promoting user generated content. If you want to take full advantage of all this social buzz, you need to be doing the same thing. You could invite your customers to contribute snappy blog posts, testimonial videos, or embed tweets. Compared to interactive and video content, user-generated content is probably much easier to imbed in your current marketing strategy. You can find a helpful article to get you started at Hubspot.

Take advantage of these types of content, and you certainly won’t regret it!


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