The powerful upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 features.

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Download a flick in 2 minutes through upcoming Galaxy S6!

Yet exciting news surfaced forming the fans that claims the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 to have the super efficient Wi-Fi for the most thrilling connectivity option among all users. It means the South Korean giant is all set to provide the fastest possible Wi-Fi connectivity with a smartphone. Though the Wi-Fi is not among the fastest, as the materials conduct electricity quicker than over the web, still Samsung is going to fill the gap up to many extents.

WiGig fills the gap:

Proving yet again why it is called the champion, Samsung strongly declared that it has come up with the Wi-Fi Alliance’s 802.11ad standard, also known as WiGig. It has the efficiency of 60 GHz. The latest connectivity lets transference of information at about 4.5 Gbps rate speed. On this context, it becomes about six times efficient in comparison with the highest Wi-Fi level among the smart phones. Making it clearer, through the process, you can get a flick of a GB within a couple of second or a little more through download.

However, the 60 GHz is not something the numero uno thing. It has been in news since last year. The South Korean Manufacturer come front to trounce the limitations involved with the concept. It has a limitation that the short mm rays don’t cover the barriers and pass through only the limited distances.


Samsung has fixed the issue:

However, Samsung has its way to fix the issue. It has made a latest concept, and a long reach antenna. On a whole, it has worked on enhancing the signal strength by bringing the initial micro ray making technology. It has successfully fixed the huddle cases.  Above all, the speculation is on a high that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will bring the technology with it.

The Galaxy S6 is said to boast a bigger display and longer extending body frame. It is expected to have enhanced specs like the much efficient CPU, better OS, and finer snapper.


Qualcomm 810 quadcore makes it the most efficient:

Another exciting part about the device is that the product is all set to be the most performing in Galaxy line-up. On this context, Samsung wants a distinct platform as Cupertino does with the idevices.  Again, a 64 bit Qualcomm 808, or Qualcomm 810 quadcore CPU to make Galaxy S6 the fastest, and most performing . Talking about the chipset, it may sport the conventional Exynos eight core chip as of the Samsung devices, Galaxy S7 will come with 16 core processor.

In addition:

Application is another thing that make a device most popular. Especially, the recent iPhone 6 has brought much exciting applications, and its success is not hidden to anyone. For it, Samsung is expected to make stuffs like dirt and bath loving feature as its card for the upcoming flagship. What so ever, Samsung wants no stone unturned for the Galaxy S6 to prepare for answering iPhone 6.

Wait for March 2015:

Earlier reports claim the Galaxy S6 is going to hit the shelves in early parts coming year. Anyway, following the conventional pattern for the company to launch the devices, Samsung Galaxy S6 is most probably to be made officially available during March coming year. However, it may be declared a little before. Do not forget to buy Galaxy S6 cases to protect your smartphone screen.


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