The end-CES 2014.

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CES 2014 comes to an end. Products that are expected to be launched in the coming year will be showcased at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014. As expected this year, many companies showcased their products. From adapters too powerful and useful accessories for your car. You may have heard a saying, technology improved and made our life lazy, I don’t think so, it made your life easy and not lazy. Easy and lazy are totally different. At CES, LG showed its wrist band that takes care of your fitness. Let see some new, useful and expected tech products that made me say wow at CES 2014.

ces 2014 products

Health Watch:- 

Health comes first, LG showed  Life Band Touch which displays calories burned  by you and pairs with Smartphone and displays text and calls received on its OLED screen. Not only LG, many smart watches was showcased in CES2014. Smartwatch from Pebble called Pebble’s steel. It comes with Gorilla Glass, stainless steel body. A smartwatch from Intel and a smartwatch named Nabu from Razer a well known computer equipment manufacturer.

4k row:-

Here comes some visual treat to our eyes. The most awaited 4k camcorder from Samsung will make a big change in the video recording space. LG had not made enough in the mobile market like its counterpart Samsung. But it doesn’t want to leave the 4k product space to other manufactures. LG displayed its  105-inch curved 4k TV. So it’s time to curve your TV and get into 4k. But we have not enough 4k content still. 4k products first and content next doesn’t make sense. Samsung did not take LG easily, Samsung unveiled the first 85 inch bendable TV. Bend it like Samsung. LG showed its Chrome base and Web OS for TV.

curved HD TV

Safety and speed:-

Safety and security matters. EyeLock showed its iris scanner. So will this say bye to fingerprint scanner? It scans your iris and stores it as a password. No more finger prints. To run all this we need a powerful processor. Nvidia showed its fast and powerful mobile processor K1. Will be available in 32 and 64 bit.  Intel also showed its  minicomputer  named Edison, which comes with built-in WiFi and an app store for Edison application. After 4k here comes another popular and awaited 3D printer. Makerbot three dimensional printer was the one that everybody is looking for, and there was a sugar printer was there, to print everything in from sugar. So sweet.

3d sugar printer

Wheel and technology:-

Ford showed its Solar power car, Hyundai Blue Link to unlock your car via Bluetooth and BMW active assist to control your car in high speed without any input from the driver. Audi its laser headlights, soon time to say bye for LED headlights.Without mobile and tablets no electronics will end. Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact water proof phone with 20.7 MP camera. Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note pro 12.2 and Lenovo’s 8-inch tablet runs on Windows 8. Micromax the popular Indian brand launched Canvas LapTab that has a dual boot option of Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8.1.  So, this year would be the year of smartwatch and 4K  products.


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  1. Rajesh says:

    I dont think Curved tv’s will work in India. Because in India not all have LED tv first.

  2. Lavush Singh says:

    CES 2014 was nice. Loved the 3D printer.

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