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The two hot trending words today is web designing. Another question everybody asks how to design a website? This article might have an answer for that question.  But remember, after reading this post you cannot start a web designing company with your friends and showing it as a billion dollar company. There are lots of custom design and custom templates. The most challenging part is designing an eCommerce website. There is some web designing software available, but mostly they are not up to the exception. This article is strictly not for people who wish to learn web designing from the scratch. In this post I will make you know some beautiful and useful website that has wonderful content to spice up your website designing skills.

website designing skills

Inspiration for website design:-

You should get regular news about the new design updates from major websites. For that I recommend to to follow- news.layervault.com and sidebar.io .

If you have gone through that  above design blog, then you should get some inspiration from some good designs. Here you go, visit www.awwwards.com If you have designed a good website, submit it and win awards. Not just awards you can learn some designing too.

 Designs to show off:- 

If you have some good designs to show use dribbble.com to show the World what you have created and how awesome it is. Show, promote, tell about your designs to the World. What to show? You can show  icon arts,  logo design, and other creative types that show your work, process, and current projects.

Smashing thought:-

Are you a smashing designer, who is having smashing thought? Either yes nor no, I would recommend you to visit www.smashingmagazine.com and www.designedthought.com these two blogs have codes and tips on developing responsive websites. The future is responsive design, then there is a lot to learn from the above blogs. ALEART:Never miss an article. 

 Ending with CSS:-

If you speak about design, you cannot skip CSS. So here are some CSS tips to follow visit www.mezzoblue.com/zengarden/alldesigns/ and cssline.com to see how CSS is used in all sites

So at last you have a little source from my side to add extra colors to the design you are working and going to work. There are more designers around the World including your friends, so don’t be selfish share this article with them too.

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