Snapchat Reaches to Record 6 Billion Video Views Per Day

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Astonishingly, the four years old video messaging smartphone application, Snapchat just received 6 billion video views. According to the recent survey, the number of videos watched per day is just 2 billion short from Facebook. Snapchat was introduced and developed by Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. It initially released in September 2011. The report also says, the number of video views has tripled since the month of May. At the time of last fundraising the America based video messaging app was valued at $15 billion in May.

However, in a recent but separate report the individual share of Snapchat dropped to $22.91 from $30.72. But the investors are expecting it to increase in forthcoming months. Another interesting statistic that revealed in the recent survey, 2 billion videos and images were sent per day in May, 2015. The contents or Snaps was being viewed almost 500 million times by the users. Moreover, the application is available in total dominant 17 languages worldwide and as per the tech pundits, it helped the company to grow globally.


Snapchat Record 6 Billion Video Views Per Day 


Another alluring thing is that Facebook’s 8 billion video views are including both desktop and phone, while Snapchat’s 6 billion views are only of smartphones. As of now, the company is already gearing up for the release of Snapchat for PC with the aim to increase its popularity and reach wider audience never like before.

Snapchat Lets its users to take and record photos & videos using the application. The unique feature of Snapchat also allows the users to add text or drawing to the videos or pictures and send them to the list of users’ recipients. The sent items on Snapchat are known as snaps. But the snaps are available for limited time to view, in that case, mainly users set the time for it. on an average the time range is between one and ten seconds.

Videos are increasingly becoming a trendy way to engage people on social networking sites and Snapchat is just trying to be a dominant platform in this growing digital video market. At the moment, most of the social networking sites are having video marketing as a major source of engaging revenue. As Snapchat has experienced a huge drop in terms of individual share, digital video marketing is the only way of it to come back with a bang, as it already started the process.

download-snapchat-for-androidAs the company seen a major growth in terms of its audience, it is devoted to improve the user experience in near future and add some features to target the right audience. Earlier, it was unable to convince the Snapchat users to buy from its video ad. Now the video messaging app is available in two dominant mobile platforms, i.e. iOS and Android. Internet marketers are also expecting a growth in the individual shares of Snapchat.


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