Smartspends:Take control Of Your Money

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Everybody likes to save money. But many don’t understand cutting down your expenses is also saving. It is hard to keep track of all the expenses. There are some apps in Google Play and iTunes which allows users to manually enter expenses and keep track of their bills and expenses.


The tedious part of every app is that

  • User have to enter numbers manually
  • Categorizing is difficult
  • Bill in a calendar
  • Tracking of money spent


The above hardships are just limited to a single app. There are many app in the store but Smartspends is the only one app which can keep track of all expenses without entering numbers. Times Internet today launched Smartspends  an app which pulls data from your message inbox and shows all the expenses and bills that you should worry of. The amazing feature of the app are,

  • Categories viz auto organize payments into different group like:-travel, eating out etc
  • Bill calendar with smart alert system
  • App tells future amount to be spent
  • Card(debit/credit) suggestions to save more money
  • Offers best deals to save at least 20% of expenses


The app has an algorithm that pulls data from your message inbox and uploads in the app automatically and suggests which card you can use to get better discount and can save at least 20%.


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