Send email anonymously.

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How to send email anonymously?

Email has become one of the most important way of communication. Gone are those days when people remember others mobile number, now everybody have mail id and we remember it. Now, almost everyone has multiple phone numbers and mail id’s too. There will be a situation where you need to scold someone, but literally you can’t because he may be your boss, yes the stupid boss. What if you want to send mail to your co-worker, friends, relatives, your boss regarding some some awkward thing they did?

You can send email anonymously using hindchat.

send email anonymously

Pros of sending email anonymously using  hindchat :-

  • Generates a unique alphanumeric code for every mail.
  • You can check replies with the unique 8 digit code.
  • Easy to use.

Cons of sending email anonymously using  hindchat :-

  • Goes into the spam folder.
  • Always has a signature saying
  • how to send email anonymously

There are some people who check their spam folder at least once in a week. But messages in spam folder will be deleted after 30 days, automatically.




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