Question and answer WordPress site:how to create?

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Hi all. HAPPY NEWYEAR 2013. Let us go into the article about how to create a question and answer WordPress blog. Creating a question and  answer WordPress in what everyone wants. But how to create it? Creating a question and answer website is simple in WordPress. Yes !As you know WordPress is the best CMS till date, with its thousand of plugins everything is possible even creating a question and answer WordPress website.

how to create question and answer wordpress website

Just download and extract and upload the plugin to your content folder or in a plugin tab in the right side search for a best plugin and install it. That’s it a plugin is installed. But what plugin to install and which is the best question and answer plugin? Never worry, in this post I’ll show you some of the best WordPress question and answer plugins which I tested and found the best.

I tested almost all the plugins in WordPress plugins, from that I found the three best plugins here are they

1) Question and Answer Forum

2) Answer My Question

3) SD Questions and Answers

Lets see the pros and cons of the above plugins.

1) Question and Answer Forum WordPress plugin:-

how to create question and answer  website

Pros of question and answer WordPress plugin:-


  • Easy theme customization.
  • Can ask questions from comment form.
  • User can choose the best answer.
  • Email admin when the question is asked.

Cons of question and answer WordPress plugin:-

  • Filtering questions.
  • Using shortcuts

wordpress question and answer plugin

This will be good for one who cannot login to admin panel and answer all the question. Email answering the best one.

 2)Answer My Question WordPress plugin:-


Pros of Answer My Question WordPress plugin:-

  • Easy installation
  • User friendly admin panel.
  • Email reply.

Cons of Answer My Question WordPress plugin:-

  •  Some question is not displayed in the admin panel.

Better UI and my personal experience, this is the best.


3)SD Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin:-

Pros of SD question and answer WordPress plugin:-

  • Guests invitation from admin.

Cons of SD question and answer WordPress plugin:-

  • Guest answering has some problem. Their answers are not displaying .


So, the best three WordPress question and answer plugin is here. Depending on your needs you can choose any one. Comment if you face any problem.
Have a great year ahead.


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