No support for Snow Leopard from Apple, updates Mavericks OS X 10.9.

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Apple released an update for Mavericks or so called OS X 10.9 t0 10.9.2. There is a major fix in face time, iMessages and VPN. Good for Mavericks users, but a big bad news for Snow Leopard OS that is OS X 10.6. Apple failed to release updates for Snow Leopard December 2013 too.

snow leopard os update

Snow Leopard vulnerability:-

By not releasing any updates to Snow Leopard, 1 in 5 Macs running  Snow Leopard is vulnerable to attacks. Reason for not releasing any patch or updates for Snow Leopard OS might be, Apple will soon ask its users to switch to the new version of the OS. Same in the case Microsoft, which said that there will be no support for Microsoft XP and office 2003 from 8th April 2014. Do Microsoft and Apple know that their older OS version is vulnerable to attacks or they are forcing their users to go for a new version of their OS?

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