Manage your phone remotely.

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After some time gap am writing a post on how to manage your phone remotely.Remotely?How? 😀 i mean you can manage your phone, i.e without touching your phone.
I am talking about an app called Phonedeck.

manage your phone

What can you do with this app?You can:-

  1. Make calls with just one click
  2. Never forget to call back
  3. Read and write SMS
  4. Keep track or your contacts
  5. Analyse your Communication
  6. Locate your phone

The advantages of this app is you can make and attend calls without touching your phone.And too you can read/write SMS without touching your phone.You can calculate how much time time have spent on a call/SMS.You can update your contacts.This app will give you an notification on Call back.
Lost your phone?Never mind this app helps you to locate your lost phone this is the most liked feature of this app.
What’s more you need??

You can see their you tube video here.
Get it here for:-
Visit site here.

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