Latest Benchmark suggests LG G4 as a good performing smartphone, probably to hit shelves during May.

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We know the fans would be pretty excited for the upcoming biggest technology event MWC 2015 that has already knocked the door. Scheduled from 2nd March to 5th March 2015 here we are pretty sure to witness most of the leading names in tech arena flaunting their devices. Anyway, not much good news for the LG fans as the company will not be able in presenting the LG G4.


Following the pattern LG G4 seems to be coming in May 2015:

The report has been received from quite a top source that claims there is very minimal chances LG G4 to be unveiled any before the arrival of LG G3. To remind you it is here to mention that G3 was made available in May 2014. It means the LG G4 is no way going to be there before May 2015, believing the source.

MWC is a mega event; hence LG would never wish to take part with half preparation. Anyway, don’t squeeze your face LG fans as still the company will be there, but with some nice wearable devices inside the kitty.


Talking of the other recent news about the device, LG G4 reportedly will boast a 16 MP snapper at the main end. Reportedly, a code has been marked that talked it to be a 16 MP main end camera. Really exciting for the fans as we witnessed only a 13 MP option with the predecessor LG G3. Earlier it was just speculated, finally you have something to be certain.

Getting into an analytical mode, again we can say LG is perfectly targeting Samsung. However, believing the source about the camera capacity, it is obviously not of the Galaxy S6 standard. Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sporting a 20 MP main end camera, which is really too big in comparison.

Benchmark suggests G4 perfectly performing:

Upcoming LG G4 will reportedly carry the model number F510L. We got this through a benchmark report that reveals about many other features as well. These features hold maximum chances to be there with the product.  It says the device will be powered by a latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset rotating at 1.55 GHz.  Now this is something not as interesting for the fans as it was earlier said to be clocked at 1.96 GHz.


Coming to the platforms, the product will be playing through the latest Android 5.0.1 Lollipop operating system. However, there are many chances for the operating system to get an upgrade. Still, we say take all these information with a pinch of salt as, still the company has to say something officially.

LG G4 features

Officials say:

Reportedly, a top official claims, of the company on its way of fine-tuning a latest device that we can definitely claim to be the G4.

This top official of LG in corporate affair department hints that, they are still not so overwhelmed about the dream success of the G3. They are aware of the fact that these days’ users don’t accept a product just because of its predecessor. He indicates about some really awesome blends with the next big thing from LG. We hope that big thing to be LG G5.

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