Is It Time to Upgrade Your Internet Service?

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Finding or changing Internet service providers is a hassle, so most people simply don’t do it. Even when their promotional rates run out and they wind up paying more than they expected, it’s more trouble to switch services than most people find the money saved to be worth. For many, the tipping point comes when you start to notice your connection speed slowing down to a crawl.


If you have several devices connecting to the Internet now, download more than you used to, or watch many videos online, you might notice that your speed just seems slower than it used to be. This means it’s time to look at your service plan and upgrade to a more suitable type of Internet connection! Remember, if you’re frustrated enough to pay extra money or undergo the hassle of switching providers, upgrading your Internet is a good idea. People tend to avoid changing what already works until it becomes painful – and waiting for pages to load or videos to stop skipping is definitely painful!

upgrade your internet

Is your plan competitive?


Look at your monthly bill to find out what plan you currently have, if you don’t remember. You might need to contact the company if you’re not sure so you can determine exactly what Internet speed and type of connection you should be getting, but resist any sales pitches for upgrades right now. In particular, note the price and speed of your plan.


Compare different offerings.


Search for Internet providers in your area, including both big and small providers. Look at their websites or talk to sales representatives to find out what plans they offer in terms of price and speed, but remember that you might not receive the exact speed they say you can. Your line speed does not equal your download speed, so make sure representatives are clear on any promises they make. You should also be aware of whether you will need a phone line (satellite services like those offered by don’t, but dial-up and DSL typically do), as this will affect how much you pay.


Get your provider to match an offer.


When you switch ISPs, you might experience downtime or have to port a phone number over to another provider. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your Internet service. This is why it’s a good idea to get your provider to match another offer. Call them and tell them you’re considering switching to another provider, then give them the details of the plan. They will often offer to match this price or speed, give you discounts, or otherwise give you an incentive to stay.

There’s no reason to suffer in silent frustration when your websites won’t load, you can’t watch a video, or you have to kick a family member off the Internet in order to send an email. Spending a little time price-shopping will help you find better Internet service plans so you can get a plan that gives you the speed you’re looking for without paying a fortune each month.


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