Is 3d printer affordable for common man?

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3D Printing technology in India is catching up fast. 3D printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing or rapid prototyping) revolution was started in the year 2010, which saw many good prototypes that includes prototype of an engine and many more. However, some prototypes raised the eyebrows of many. A prototype of the gun, which raised an alarm for the defence sector and that was bared soon. Some questions still asked by many people are,
>>What is a 3D printer?
>>What can be done with a 3D printer?
>>Use of 3D printers?
>>What is the price of 3D printer?


List Of Best 3D Printer For Daily Usage:-

3d printing kits in India
And after reading many articles on 3D printers then end up their search with building own 3D printers and DIY 3D printer kit.
In India, the concept of 3D printing is getting hot. What matters the most is the low cost 3D printers! You can see, many startups involving in production of 3D printers. The main problem in India is the cost of the 3D printers and components available for making an effective 3D prototype.

When asked about the price of a 3D printer and can a common man afford it, Mr. Prasad Founder and Director – Altem Technologies said “Today 3D Printers can be classified Primarily into two Categories viz Commercial and Low cost. Low cost 3D printers are affordable and one can procure them at a cost ranging from Rs.70,000/- to Rs.3,00,000/- while professional 3D Printers would cost above Rs.6,00,000/- onwards. Low cost 3D Printers are generally have some limitations in terms of quality but they however empower hobbyist individuals with accessible 3D Printing. Occasionally professionals too use them for a draft mode 3D Print.  Professional 3D Printers are often used for commercial applications by Engineers, Architects, Medical and Scientific professionals and have a potential for disrupting the enterprise process through 3D printing.”

 Altem Technologies,Bengaluru to sell Artec 3D Scanners in India. Altem technologies, pioneers in the 3D Printing technology will resell major 3D printing models from Artec, namely Eva and Spider 3D Scanner Models. The Artec Group develops and manufactures 3D scanners. Artec™3D Scanners are designed for CAD users. With Artec Studio software, designers, inventors can develop a product design and can cut the cost for the company by making a prototype and they can get into mass production of the design. The 3D Scanners are used in Medicine, Media and in Automobile industry.

price of 3d printers
The consumable cost for 3D Printing varies, depending on  the type of the systems deployed. For example, if the a back cover of a 5 inch display smart phone has to be printed in 3D Printer, it may cost in a range of Rs.250 to Rs.1,500/- depending on whether you are a hobbyist printer or a using it for professional 3D Printing, said Mr. Prasad Founder and Director – Altem Technologies. Altem technologies don’t sell 3D scanners alone, their initiative allows users to test and try their 3D projects free of cost. ALTEM is functioning in India at the seven major cities, namely Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad.

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