iPad Pro – Is it Real? Find out Here!

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It’s been a while since we’re hearing a lot about a new Apple tablet emerging through the market with bigger screen and stylus support, much like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. People who were pretty impressed with the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and wanted a similar device on Apple, might get pretty interested, but before you make your counts on the new iPad, let’s evaluate whether it’s real or not and what Apple is thinking about it. From the looks of the future, it can be anything. Apple might put together their Mac/ iPad hybrid in 12-inch screen, or they can make a new tablet and name it iPad 6. Anything can happen, but we’re here to tell you about the recent leaks and what we know about.


iPad Air – Real or Not

According to various speculations around the Internet, it seems that Apple is allegedly working on aApple iPad Pro specifications 12.9-inch device to release it along with iPhone 6 and iOS 8. As it’ll be an updated and larger version of iPad Air, it will include a faster processor, more RAM and a better build quality while sacrificing the ultra-thickness. But, for some reasons, Apple is pushing their innovative iPad Pro to be released by 2015. In the meantime, they’ll work more on their new Mac which will bring more speed while a great reduction in price as well. Let’s see what iPad Pro will have to offer us in the future.

Display & Design

Consider iPad Pro as an extended version of the iPad Air. iPad Air is one of the most lightest tablet on the market with blazing-fast speeds. Apple will take these things up a notch and they’ll implement everything in 12.9-inch UHD screen. iPad Pro will definitely be heavier and thicker than its predecessor iPad Air. The bezels will get thinner and you’ll be able to view the display in 4K resolution.

Specification Detailed List

It’s been a while Apple has been using the 64-bit Cortex A7 chip. They might need to put something better for the 12.9-inch massive screen. They can implement a newer version of 64-bit Cortex A8 processor. But, a leaked video also suggested that iPad Pro might just be made for Mac, not iOS 8. In addition to that, Apple might boast 2-3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable memory. It’s pretty certain that Apple is trying to put their focus on the Mac and less on the larger tablet. In accordance with that, iPad Pro might be the first tablet with fingerprint technology. Touch-ID is another great option for security enhancements.

We’re hearing that Apple will unveil iWatches (Alike Smart Watches), new iPhone 6, iOS 8 etc. If the main spotlight is targeted on iPad Pro, we might get it on July’s 1st week. But, if somehow, Apple wants to release it later on, then they’ll put Macs instead of iPad Pro.

New Features in iPad

With new tablet, come new features. iPad Pro might be boasting 5MP rear cam since it’ll be pretty useless in a par-13 inch device. It might feature Eye Tracking, Pedometer (with iWatches), Health apps etc.

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