iOS 8 Screenshot Leak Shows Icons of Exciting New Apps

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iOS 8 Screenshot Leak Shows Icons of Exciting New Apps

iOS 7.1 update has been rolled out only a day back. The very next day, some alleged screenshots of iOS 8 have been leaked. iOS 8 is currently under development. The screenshots were found for the first time on a Chinese website called Looking at the screenshots, it seems even initially developments of the OS are not yet complete.

From the screenshots, it seems, iOS 8’s design won’t be strikingly dissimilar from that of its earlier versions. Icons of apps that are native to iOS such as Preview, Tips, Healthbook and Edit were found in the screenshots.The authenticity of the news has been confirmed by 9To5mac holds a reputation for providing credible information and according to them; the screenshot was leaked from an unknown source. However, many other sources confirmed that the screenshots are indeed legitimate.

Users are very much enthusiastic about the leaked screenshots. The new Preview, Healthbook, TextEdit and Tips apps have caught their eyes. 9To5mac failed to provide any information on Tips. The app has an icon of a light bulb, it could be a user manual or a know-how sort of tutorial.

iOS8 update

The TextEdit app, as one could make out from its name, is perhaps related to edit on text documents. This application must be optimized for devices with iOS such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Some sources reported that TextEdit will enable users to edit PDF documents and images. However, others reported that it would merely be a tool, using which one could view TextEdit files that are stored in Apple’s own cloud. As reports suggest both Preview and TextEdit will sync in iCloud.

One important aspect of iOS 8 is the map system. Users were not impressed with Apple Maps when iOS 6 was released. The map was undoubtedly visually appealing, but it lacked data and for that reason, proved unhelpfu to users. Many hardcore Apple users admitted that Google Maps is far better than Apple Maps. In iOS 8, Apple is reported to introduce a better map feature with enhanced user interface and rich with data. In recent time, Apple has acquired companies like BroadMap, Embark and HopStop to improve its map feature.The Healthbook is probably the most talked about of all iOS apps. This app has an icon that shows three colors red, orange and green. Inside the colored areas, there’s a tiny icon to indicate the purpose of the app. Looking at the icons, it seems the red one is about blood pressure, the orange one is on calorie burning and the green one is to measure heartbeat.

One of the industries that are ripe with opportunities is healthcare. The Healthbook app could be a welcome move by Apple to cash in on them. Apple has recently hired some tech professionals, who were working on mobile healthcare technologies. Healthbook could provide users with the right set of information related to fitness, healthcare and diagnosis. Sources earlier reported that newer versions of iOS will be integrated with such apps.It’s obvious that only a handful of details could be obtained from a mere screenshot. However, the screenshot is relevant because it hints that previous speculations on new iOS developments could be authentic ones.


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