How to Manage your 3G and data plan.

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If you are using  a 3G phone and not able to control your 3G data and manage your data plan?Need an app to 3G data and manage your data plan in roaming?Never worry there is an app for it.The app has

  • Tailored alerts
  • Crowd sourcing engine and
  •  Data blocking tools

it keeps your pocket full all time.
It’s features:-
Widgets:-It tells about how much data your app used and which app is using data right now.
Alerts and warnings:-It will tell you which app is using more data while in traveling and it even says when will you reach your data limit.
Data hog blocking:-You can restrict certain apps to use only Wi-Fi and can block your data once you reach your limit.
Advice:-It gives advice on the best plan to choose from your carrier depending upon your actual usage.

It compresses the data so,that you can get 80% more from your data.It gives an detailed report on your  data consumption which helps to choose your 3G data plan.The best part of this app is you can control your 3G data and manage your data plan while in roaming.Onavo supports

  • iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S
  • iPad 1 WiFi + 3G
  • iPad 2 WiFi + 3G
  • iPad 3 WiFi + 3G

This app is available for both Android and Ios.
Click here for Android and Ios.



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