How to Make your website faster !

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How to make my website/blog load faster??

Everyone needs a new website or webpage .But how to create a better website? If you create how to make it fast i.e. how to load it faster? How to load your WordPress blog load faster without plugin? Never mind you are using WordPress, blogger.

blog faster
For every blogger the main concern is, loading speed of his blog. If it loads faster it’ll attract more readers. Now the task is to how making your blog load faster? Yes daddy of Internet Google has it.
wordpress blog faster
Just enter your URL and hit analyze
It will run a speed run test and will show the result like this
internet websit fast
Not this too it’ll give some suggestion in priority starting from
And Already done.
On the left side you can see in what should be given more importance in High
Low Category.

After clicking any link below Category it’ll show more about it. If you want to edit(you will and should)those things in it you can do. If you don’t know how to correct those never worry Goolge will help for you. Just click it a new tab will open which will guide you to correct it.Not that also you can check the loading speed for your mobile version of your blog also.load your blogger fast
Now make your blog faster and reduce your bounce rate.

Here is the website click here.


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