How to Make Windows OS work fast.

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Windows is the major Operating System that everyone uses. Everyone will install Windows on a primary drive, majorly C drive. After installing Windows OS we install so many softwares that are required for our day to day use which makes the PC slow.  After installing many software the program will ask for a system restart and we do it. But when the system boots again the system will definitely be slow. The reason is, both the windows and installed software starts on working while booting, which takes hell lot of time to boot your system. There are many ways to make your Windows work fast. These are the simple ways to do it.

how to boot windows faster

After installing Windows and your necessary softwaresclick start and in the search program and files field type MSCONFIG. Wait for the pop up window to open. Click startup tab in the popup window and deselect all the programs except antivirus, because that might cause a problem while doing boot scan. These softwares eat up more start up faster

Those are the stuffs that might be used for killing softwares that start during booting. But there are some commands that clean the computer after  several hours of working.

1) %temp%

Click start button and in the run space type %temp% and hit enter. A windows opens with many files that are temporary files used by the computer. Select all and delete. Some files cannot be deleted, the reason is those files are used by the programs that are currently running.

2) prefetch 

A prefetch folder keeps track of the programs that have been commonly used by the user. Next time when the user starts the program, Windows refers the prefetch folder that helps to speed up the start of a particular program. This starts the program fast, but takes more physical memory. It is best to delete all the files in the prefetch folder.

Tired of doing these things? Just download ccleaner and install. Job Done.


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