How to make money from your mobile applications.

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If you are a Mobile application developer and you don’t know how to make money from your Mobil applications,here is the idea for making money out of your mobile application.

mobile applications moneyThere are ways to make money from your mobile application.
Paid Downloads
                                   If you feel your application is valuable then you can go for paid downloads.Biggest hit of paid downloads in Apple’s app store.


This works good if you have just started developing applications.You need to find a sponsor who is interested in sponsoring your application.That’s it.Main drawback is you a locked with that sponsor for your application.Good if you are a beginner in application development.

In App Purchase

This means,makes user to buy the full version after completing or using the demo.This works good in case of games.You can make your user to buy the full application after completing demo or make them to buy some weapons,arms,points.This works good if you develop a game.

Finding  best advertiser is biggest problem,once if you get them.That’s it.But choose your advertiser depending on your application,If your application is a sports application try to find advertiser on th sam platform.

This is nothing but Google adsense for mobile called as admob.Create your application, sign in for admob , Install the SDK in your application,choose your ads.You are ready to go. If an user clicks ads in your application you earn.That’s it.

(Q)Whats if I have more than on application?How to promote both of my applications?How to earn from it??
(A)This Admob has an option of cross platform promoting.Promote your first application on your second application and vice versa.So,that you can earn from both application.
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