How to install cracked apps in iOS?

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Many iPhone users want to install apps given by Apple,but the matter is it’s cost more 🙁 For that many jail broke it.How to jailbreak iOS?Before that you should know software’s which are used for jail breaking iOS let me tell what is…???

iOS jailbreaking

jail breaking:- Jail breaking gives access to entire Unix system,in simple jail breaking means gaining root access to operating system(Unix).We can jail break iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and 2nd Gen Apple TV.After jail breaking you can download additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.You can still use all applications available in app store.Apple says a jail broken device will loose its warranty.

Cydia:- After jail breaking install Cydia,which is used for finding and installing software for jailbroken iOS devices.After installing you can customize and modify(called “tweaks”) that can only run on jailbroken devices.
ATP(Advanced Packaging Tool):- The Advanced Packaging Tool, or APT, is a free user interface which is used to install,configure and removal of software packages, either from binary files or by compiling source code.
That’s the thing what you need to know.
Now let me tell how to install install cracked apps on iOS?Before that let me tell what are the things you needed.
(i)Jail-broken iOS Device
(ii)Cydia (installed with most jailbreaks)

Once Jail-broken open Cydia and then select Manage, Sources, Edit, Add then enter ‘’ then Add Source.
(if its the first launch you may need to select what you want to use Cydia for User is recommended for most)

jailbreaking apps on iOS

Once it has downloaded the packages/data go back to the Sources and open the one you just added. Now look for ‘AppSync for iOS #’ then return and install ‘Hackulous Security‘ and if you want you can get ‘Installous 4
(iOS # is what iOS version you have)

how to jailbroken apps on iOS

Now you can just drag and drop cracked apps into iTunes and then get it to sync.
Hope this will work.If not comment here.Will fix your issues.

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