How to Customize your email(gmail) !

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Hi all 😀 Hope you do good :D. Many send mail without any customization, i mean they send email without any social profile link(buttons) like:-

Blogger and every social networking buttons you need.Confused how to create this buttons in your mail?Not alone this.I’ll list out the things that you can do with it:-

  1. Social Networking buttons(as i said before).
  2. Your/some photo in a cool box below your mail.
  3. Your latest updates in Social Networking sites(tweets and latest status,photo updates).
  4. Create a banner of your wish.
  5. Your company name.
  6. Create your company logo or banner.
  7. Add your company profile.
  8. Your job description.
  9. Skype id.

There are many templates which suits your requirements like left and right sidebars,footer and header customization.You can do it in a simple way.

That’s i’ll get into the topic directly.
The website i was telling is Brandmymail.

brand my mail
First log-on to brandmymail with your Google G mail username and password and select your template style as you like

brand my mail

After logging in you will see a page like this

As you see you can drop your plugin in the top and add your social profile in right sidebar.There are many template to suit your needs.

Right side you can see plugins bar just click and drop in the template.After dropping plugins ,selecting design and layout what you should do is customizing it i mean to link to your social plugin to your profile address.
Next is to add signature to it don’t need to add it in G mail settings,you can add in your template itself see footer for more in template.There you can add your social profile,e mail address,phone number,address as you like.Below that you can add all social profile icons in it. You can add your banner or image of your company in header.
That’s it now you are ready to go.If you don’t like your template or plugins you can change it anytime but you should log in to brand my mail site.

Remember you should install chrome extension Install it.

.After installing don’t forget to refresh go to your G mail homepage and login to your Google G mail Compose mail page.After refreshing wait for sometime your page will change like this

Send 1:-By clicking this option you can send mail with brand my mail template.
Preview 2:-By clicking this you can preview your mail.
Send:-Send your mail without brand my mail customization.
You can select template as you configured in your settings page of brand my mail.
That’s it now you are ready to send mail with your brand.
Leave your comments 😀

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