How to create Proxy Servers?

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How to use proxy servers?

Let me make it clear what is a proxy server?How proxy servers work?
Proxy servers are the intermediates between your(client) system and other servers. Client system connects to proxy servers and then proxy servers connects to another server and asks for any file or information,the client needs.
In simple,it requests the service on behalf of the client.Proxy servers can/will filter things like,can
1)Remove all cookies (except certain proxy cookies).
2)Remove all scripts (recommended for anonymity).
3)Remove ads.
3)Hide referrer information.
What actually a proxy servers does?
For example:-Assume Client that is you(Name:-Human)
Other Server(Name:-Tech)
If Human asks Tech Hello how are you?
If proxy servers are not present:The message will be like this,which is sent to Tech:-“Human asks how are you?”
If proxy is present:The message will be like this:-How are you?
You can see the message(Proxy servers is not present):-Human(your name)is not present.That’s the function of Proxy Servers.It won’t send your name and IP.

Anonymous proxy servers:-

It attempts to make activity on the Internet untraceable.It accesses the Internet without giving personal information of the client(IP).

Suffix proxy:-

This is most used and easiest proxy to use.Just append the name with suffix proxy .Example:– it won’t support anonymous surfing,is used only to bypass filters.

Why I am telling about this making you confused?In this article i will tell you how to create proxy servers.Create??How to create?You no need to create there is a website for this!Yes! There is a website which acts as a intermediate(proxy) between your(client) system and other server.

own proxy servers

Go to the website and type your URL in the box and hit enter.To which website you want to visit without disclosing your information.

own proxy servers

The website is called pagewash.
Click here to go to this website.
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