How to Convert PDFs into OpenOffice Documents.

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A few years ago open source software seemed to be interesting mostly to enthusiastic programmers who liked being able to tweak the programs they were using, but today it is becoming popular across user groups, regardless of their level of computer skills.

OpenOffice is one of the most widely used open source office productivity suites. It is a popular alternative to Microsoft Office suite. It has a word processor (Writer) which is equivalent to MS Word, a spreadsheet program (Calc) which is equivalent to Excel, and Impress, presentation software that is a counterpart to PowerPoint.

Also, newer versions of both Microsoft and OpenOffice have built in support for the other software, which means that OpenOffice’s Writer users can save their files in .docx format, so it is compatible with MS Word file format.

free pdf converter

Though software developers are constantly working on software upgrades and are trying to make different programs more compatible, as is the case with OpenOffice and MS Office, sharing electronic documents can still create problems. Everyone had an experience of being unable to open a document someone sent them. This is often the case when opening newer versions of documents using older software versions, so in order to make sure the recipient will receive their file as intended, people often send it in PDF.

However, as popular as it is because of its universal viewing features, PDF is difficult to edit without additional software.

One solution to the PDF editing problem is a PDF converter. Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 is one of highly recommended tools for converting non-editable PDFs into documents that retain their original formatting and are easy to modify. The reason it ranks highly among similar tools is because of its many useful conversion features:

–           PDF to Word

–          PDF to PowerPoint

–          PDF to Excel

–          PDF to Publisher

–          PDF to OpenOffice

–          PDF to HTML

–          PDF to Images

–          PDF to AutoCAD

How to Convert PDFs to Office Documents:-

Here we’ll focus on the PDF to OpenOffice conversion tutorial for all open source program fans reading this blog.

Able2Extract is very user-friendly and each conversion option consists of only a few steps:

Click on “Open” in the tool’s File Menu.

convert excel to pdf


Search your computer folders and select the PDF you wish to convert.

Now click on the “Select All” if you wish to convert the whole document.


convert pdf to office document

Click “Select Area” if you only want to convert some area of your PDF file.

Choose the “OpenOffice” option.


 convert pdf to html


Convert your document to your desired word, spreadsheet or presentation program.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 offers users a free installation that allows them to test the tool during the 7-day free trial period. It’s also worth noting that this is a cross-platform software for Linux, Mac and Windows so people can use it regardless of their operating system.

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