Google:-What do you love???

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As we all know Google is search engine giant,now it comes with a new search engine called:- wdly(What Do You Love).

google love

Wdly is new service from Google which gives result from more than 20 different Google services like :‘Google Translate’, ‘Google Trends’, ‘Google Books’, ‘Sketchup’, ‘YouTube’, ‘Google Alerts’, ‘Google Product search,Google voice,Gmail,Google Calender,Google Earth,Blog,News,

Mobile.It replaces its traditional search button with new one <3(Blue Love) button.When you type just “wdly” in your address bar it takes you to actual Google search page and not to wdly page.So you have to type as

googl love search

It comes with a scroll bar which makes it really cool to see all Google services in a single scroll. :)When you scroll down it shows google search more to come

this is really cool :D.At the end of Map and Youtube you can see Zoom icon when u click it expands and shows the search result little bigger. 😀

Well will wdly be a new search engine road map for Google??Lets wait and see 🙂

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