Fitbit Force: A perfect revamped successor from Fitbit

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Fitbit Force is a wearable product with an excellent design that helps in a great way in terms of keeping records of your various fitness parameters. The product is thoroughly lightweight and sleek enough to play from your wrists like a watch. It can get linked through Bluetooth as well, and brings various ways to stay fit.


Water resistive, OLED display, best arrangements for iOS/Android:-

Going fundamentally with the wrist band concept, it packs a nice OLED display that offers excellent layouts, and notifications. Apart from making you aware of daily report, it keeps record of the number of steps you climb, calories you burn, etc. In short, this is nothing less than the smart watches of known brands.
However, it misses some aspects in comparison as well like heart bit detail. This is not too automated in terms of your sleeping patterns as well. Still, the design, glossy flawless OLED display and smooth enough water resistive characteristic make it a perfect product in the comparison.
It has the best set of iOS and Android friendly applications that makes a perfect stuff for your fitness.Fitbit Flex price

Broader Design:-

It looks trendy, and up to the mark. It flaunts a nice wrist band grip and a fine square patterned appearance perfectly in accordance with the contemporary choice. The best part is that Fitbit force is a revamped product in comparison to its rivals as well as the earlier native products. It is larger in size, and also lighter in comparison perfectly made in accordance with the choice of a present day user of a smartwatch standard from a known brand. Do not forget to check Jawbone UP24 vs. Fitbit Flex.

Nothing less than any branded smartwatch:-

There it has a nice specific portion that channels towards a glossy case working pretty much like a wristband, the latest fitbit force gives it a unique approach. Apart from this, it is quite safe in nature as well through water preventive characteristics. As a user you now really don’t need to be worried of dusts, getting showered, etc. In fact, you can wash it for the best outcome. However, the fans must be looking for some additional colour options for it, as black may not be a preferred band for all.

Get reported perfectly:-

Whatsoever, the highest mark can be given to its finest display, undoubtedly. In earlier cases we have seen the companies to be implementing LED lights to notify the status. However, Fitbit force makes it enchanting through its alphanumeric OLED display. This enhanced display lets you available with all detail of Fitbit specs. Various aspects like paths covered, calories lost, steps climbed can be got through in detail through specified keys. The best part here is that they offer detail in specific way rather than average.

Revamped than earlier:-

Among other distinguished parts, here you can have the clock recite that’s a great include on a wrist band pattern concept like this. In short, the product not only redefines the concept of fitness watch, but also takes Fitbit to the next level. People compare it with the Flex from Fitbit, but undoubtedly fitbit force is a better product.
Reportedly, the production of force faces a bit hurdle as it allegedly doesn’t skins of many. However, the company promises to fix soon on this matter.
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