Features We Wish to See in iOS 9.

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Features We Wish to See in iOS 9

Apple’s next mobile OS, iOS 9 is in the making mode. Although no feature has been announced by Apple so far, but still, there are many rumors that let us design a virtual image of what could be there in the upcoming mobile OS. As die-hard Apple fans, and users of previous versions of iOS, you must be having wishlist in your mind, right? We also have it, and here, in this post, we are writing about the features that we wish to see in iOS 9.

iOS 9 features

Multi-Screen Option

Yes, we wish to see this feature. Multi-screen feature would be nothing less than a boon for all users, as it will allow them to keep track of important notifications, means it will allow user to read email while watching movies at the same time. No need to pause the movie to open the mail. Multitude of users expected to see this feature in iOS 8, but unfortunately, Apple did not bring it. Now, we hope to have it in iOS 9.

Proper parental controls

Parental controls in iOS 8 are pretty good, but are not up to the mark. Microsoft devices and Android devices do come with amazing parental control features. We expect Apple to put a step ahead in this part, and bless iOS 9 with better parental controls.

Ability to default to third party apps

The current version of iOS does not let users set default to third-party apps. This is something that annoys multitude of users. If you are one among them, then just like us, you must be wishing to get ability to default to third party apps in iOS 9. It would be better if Apple opens upĀ APIs to developers, so that they can start making alternatives to other default apps, which may enhance users’ experience.

Health Care and Fitness

Almost everyone is concerned about health care and fitness, right? So, it would be better if Apple brings new features in iOS 9 in this part. Apple knows it pretty well that by bringing more and more health care and fitness features in iOS 9, it can impress a great number of users. So, it would not be any surprise if we something amazing, eye-popping coming from Apple in this part. Apple is working on iPad Air 3 which will release with iOS 9.

iOS9 upgrade

Less reliance on iTunes

iTunes is good, but not everyone loves it, right? All previous, or current iOS version almost force the users to use iTunes to access particular specified facilities. It would be nothing less than a boon if Apple changes it, and makes sure iOS 9 has less reliance on iTunes.

Group FaceTime calls

Video chatting is becoming quite common. FaceTime lets Apple users do it with superb quality, but it limits maximum number of parallel users to two only. Skype lets 10 people have video chat at one time. So, we expect Apple to bring an upgraded version of FaceTime in iOS 9.

Battery-saving mode

We wish to see battery-saving mode in iOS 9. This mode should be designed so as to give maximum possible output from battery capacity to users.


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