Drone with cameras under $200

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Drones under $200 are a cool buy. For all at the intermediate or beginners stage, something expensive would hit the pockets, so here is to a list of Drones under $200


  1. Hubsan H107D Quadcopter

Priced at just $148.99 USD, the Hubsan x4 H107D Quadcopter is an ideal for providing first person view; without causing you a mini money attack.

At such a low price, the H107D is a good pick. With a flight time of approximately 7 mins and charging time of just half an hour, the drone has quite a number of added features that make it a better choice over the so many in the same category. With a USB charger, and its light weight, the drone is durable and has got an advantage over the others.

Keeping in mind that it would be used by beginners, despite the light weight, it has a hard structure and hence is capable of wear and tear while flight. An advanced controller as well as camera is the cherry on the cake. With a 4.3 inch LCD screen on the controller, live footage can be viewed.

  1. Sky Viper Quadcopter

This one is on the list of even less than a $100 dollars. Given its price and features, it is indeed one of the best available in the market. It measures 16 inches; hence cannot be just named as a random cheap drone.

Available in two different designs for outdoor and indoor flying, the carbon body protects the drone from crashes. A foam bumper is integrated exclusively for flying indoors.

This again is lightweight but durable as it is capable of undergoing quite an amount of beating without much damage but a few scratches here and there; at most, a bent propeller. Also, the propellers are easily replaceable.

The Sky Viper Quadcopter has a few advanced patterns for flight which makes is move in all directions. Once the pilot has his hands set over the drone, it is like cheese to perform stunts with it and experiment with flight plan.

  1. Galaxy Visitor 2

The Galaxy Visitor 2 falls in the lest than $140 category. With a black and white body, combined with oange propellers, the drone is compact and has GPS facilities.

GPS helps the drone to return back to its original position. This is a property which comes hand; makes it easy to locate the drone in terms of loss. Switching off on the power and searching manually isn’t always a good idea,

With three flight modes, the Galaxy Visitor 2 provides for an expert mode also where manual handling can be done. In short, it is a quality drone to buy.

  1. Galaxy Visitor 3

This is obviously a better integrated version of the one mention earlier. In the less than $200 category, the visitor 3 is among one of the best. With the classic combination of balck and white, the drone is an ideally made device for beginners. The basics are simple and easy to understand. Additionally, there is a property which limits the drone’s flight to a maximum of 2-3 meters away from the pilot.features-drone-camera

This ensures that the best drone is protected and accidents are avoided. Advanced flying options include altitude hold that is a major plus point for experts. Camera options are add on to the pack.

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