Die if you don’t have these Android apps in your Smartphone.

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You and your Smartphone are not smart if you do not have these smart apps. There are many apps coming to Google Play store every day, but only a few go into the smart category. This article will only be great  for a week or a month, as there are many smart and useful apps comes into the Play store every day. However, always remember these are the must have Android apps in your Smartphone. You may be using these apps, but why can’t you share it to persons who do not know about these apps? Share and show that you are so smart.

Must have Android apps


This is one of the best Android apps till date. What will you do if you want to open a link from your social networking sites or from the email client app? When you click the link the app closes and the link opens in the browser that you specify. What happens is that, the app from where the link is opened will be closed.  LinkBubble makes it easy, when you click a link in an app, linkbubble opens the link in the background with a bubble, when the link is loaded fully, you can just touch the bubble to open the link from linkbubble without disturbing the app from where the link is opened.  The pro version has features like themes, reading mode and the pro version allows to open multiple links.


A Doctor in your hand.  This app has options for Symptom Checker(Learn about your troubling part of your body), Drugs and Treatments (A database for drugs and treatment), First Aid Information(Small guide for First Aid treatment) and Local Health Listings(closest Physician, Hospital, and Pharmacy based on your current location or you can search by city, state or zip code with the help of maps). Voice search, Email to you and your friends options are more useful. WARNING:It might help you only in some issues, consult your Doctor for correct remedy.


Similar in name to LinkBubble, but its function is different from that. You can copy anything, find it anytime and paste anywhere. You can copy multiple text by just selecting. After copying just tap the bubble, it will open the clipboard that shows all items that you have copied. You can copy links that can be previewed in the clipboard. When pasting in email or in SMS, the text  that was copied last will be pasted first.

4)Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard:-

It works only when you are online. You know Ginger English correction software is available as an app and extension for Google Chrome and as an add-on for MS office. Now it’s available for your Android smartphone. Emojis  and Word prediction is the only good option to use.


The Owl app. The only human search app available in Android Play store. Ask a question, real people who are working for OOLOO will help you in bringing the correct and accurate results for your search. Google search would be the option, but there is no human behind the Google search remember it.


Android apps that are must for Smartphones

So if you do not have these apps, please through your Android Smartphone. You can contact me on my Facebook page and Twitter handle.


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