Cut the crappy wire, go wireless. Series one.

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Every electronic product you buy have wire. These wires should be connected to a power source or to some slots to make it work. You have to accept that more wires make the gadget ugly. Some time its not extendable, wire may become fault and due to some new improvement in technology the product may become outdated and unusable. How to cut the crap, I mean the wire. In the series I will give you some important gadgets in wireless technology that will cut the wire and make your life wireless and easy.

What to write in the first series, is my big question? At last, my hand made a decision to write about wireless keyboard and mouse. The reason for writing about wireless mouse and keyboard is so simple, start with a thing that am using now and often. Ok, let us see some wireless keyboard and mouse combo that will come in your budget. The two things you should consider before buying wireless mouse and keyboard, they are DPI(Dots Per Inch) and radius of working from the USB receiver. DPI is known as dots per inch, the abbreviation itself says that the number of steps a mouse will recognize when moved one inch. Higher the DPI faster the mouse.

Wireless keyboard and mouse combo:-

Budget is not the only factor in case of buying a wireless keyboard and mouse. The main factor is the quality and battery life (depends on your usage). Considering budget, quality and battery life these are the wireless combos that you can buy.

1)HP LV290AA:-
If HP its quality. If you are looking for a quality combo HP is the best. This comes with a 2.4 GHz keyboard and mouse, needs 4 AAA size batteries. Keyboard weighs 520 g and mouse 80 g.

HP wireless combo

2)Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800:-
Microsoft’s out of the window product is their desktop 800 wireless keyboard and mouse. Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X v10.4 or later. 15 months of battery life(may vary depending on your usage). The keyboard requires two AAA size batteries and for mouse two AA size batteries. It has a battery life indicator to indicate the battery charge status. Has a working range of 30 feet from the USB receiver, 1000 DPI. ON/OFF button on the mouse.

microsoft keyboard mouse

You get a two year limited warranty.

3)Logitech MK220:-
Logitech is known for its quality computer peripherals. Here is the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse MK220. Supporting Windows XP, Vista and 7, keyboard requires two, AAA and for mouse two AA size batteries. Logitech MK 220 is 2.4GHz wireless, and it uses  128-bit AES encryption. Working range of 10 m from the USB receiver.

wireless mouse

4)Amkette In-built Mouse Wireless Keyboard:-
If you are not interested in using two wireless devices, this one is for you. Amkette has introduced an inbuilt mouse in the wireless keyboard. Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS and Linux OS. Amkette inbuilt mouse in wireless keyboard has an optical resolution of 800 DPI and requires 2 AAA size batteries. Inbuilt mouse is nothing but a trackball as in the image shown below.

inbuilt wireless mouse
Comes with 1 year limited warranty.

5)Logitech MK240:-
This my choice for wireless keyboard and mouse. In terms of looks and space this one is the best. But feels so fragile, the mouse has ON/OFF switch and requires two AAA size batteries for keyboard and one AA batteries for mouse. Has an operating range of 10-15 feet. You can also check Logitech K400r who has an inbuilt trackpad and no need of a mouse.

logitech wireless

The mouse has a maximum DPI of 1000, working radius of 33 feet or 10 meters, 1 year replacement warranty.


So I have given you some of the best wireless mouse and keyboard that are available in the market. Now the choice is yours. Quality matters.

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