Cut the crappy wire, go wireless. Series two.

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Welcome to the second part of cut the wire and go wireless series. The first series was about wireless keyboard and mouse. I hope the first series would have made your typing work easier. In all series I will let you know products that have rechargeable battery and products that is within your budget. Now, what’s next? The second series is for your ears. Yes. Now you can cut the wire of your speakers. This article is all about portable speakers. Series two will be on wireless and Bluetooth speakers. Hear what am saying with your ears.

Things to consider before buying Bluetooth speakers:-

Before buying portable Bluetooth speakers you should consider some must inbuilt features like,

  • Connectivity
  • Battery
  • Channel Configuration
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Bluetooth version
  • Other features like AUX, USB port, NFC, Mic.

That is what everybody needs. Depending upon the above features, below are some portable speakers that you must buy if you need one. There are some other non technical features that I have considered for buying portable speakers and yes,  it’s the budget.

1) Creative D100 wireless Bluetooth speaker:-

If you need a portable speaker that is easy to set up and handy. Then creative D100 wireless Bluetooth speaker should be your option. Let’s see the in built features it has.


creative portable wireless bluetooth speaker


Battery= 4 AA Alkaline

Channel Configuration=2.0

Signal-to-Noise Ratio=80dB

Bluetooth version=2.1 EDR with A2DP, AVRCP

Other features= AUX.

With 25 hours of playback this Creative D100 wireless Bluetooth speaker sounds great, but the only drawback is, it doesn’t have rechargeable battery. You can also check creative d200 wireless Bluetooth speaker and Creative d80 portable speakers.

2) Sony SRS-BTV5 Bluetooth speaker:-

Sony the brand known for music and sound. So you can always expect good built quality and incredible sound. Design and sound, both are awesome.

sony portable speakers


Battery=In built Lithium-ion

Power output=1.2W

Bluetooth version=2.1 with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

Other features= NFC and inbuilt Mic

With inbuilt Microphone, Lithium-ion battery, receive and end call option, NFC support and 360 circle sound, Four hours of playback, Micro UBS port for charging Sony has done a brilliant job in portable Bluetooth speaker space.

3) Logitech Mini Boombox:-

Logitech wireless speaker Mini Boombox has lots of built in features, good display and design. Easy to pair and good battery life. Logitech mini boombox has built in play/pause buttons and 6W output.

logitech mini boombox bluetooth speaker


Battery=Built in

Channel Configuration=2

Signal-to-Noise Ratio=75dB

Bluetooth version=2.1 A2DP, AVRCP

Other features= AUX, USB port.

Logitech boombox has built in call settings, rechargeable battery, volume, track control and ON/OFF button. Good sound and looks.

4) Jabra Solemate:-

Jabra is the brand known for speakers and headphones. With 10 meter operating range, better design and volume control,  solemate produces impressive sound.

Jabra portable bluetooth wireless speaker


Battery=Built in Lithium-ion

Bluetooth version=3.0 with A2DP 1.2, HFP 1.6, HSP 1.2

Other features like=3.5 mm Audio Cable, NFC Pairing, Voice Prompts.

With 8 hours playback, rechargeable battery, HiFi Frequency Response, volume controls for Bluetooth, call control, Jabra solemate is best for hearing music outdoors.

5) JBL Micro Wireless:-

JBL speakers are created for better sound and portability. JBL speakers are compatible with iPhone, iPad and the iPod. JBL speakers are handy and easy to use.


JBL wireless bluetooth portable speakers

Connectivity=Bluetooth, 3.5 mm Input Compatibility Audio Connectivity

Battery=Built in Lithium-ion
Channel configuration=1

Signal-to-Noise Ratio=80dB

Other features like=LED Indicator

JBL speakers have built in volume controls, composite Video Output, portable design, smart cable design, JBL sounds good.

 6) Philips SBT 30:-

Not just lights, but in sound too. Once Philips had a huge market share in electronic products. But now they are trying to gain momentum by launching a portable Bluetooth speaker. Philips Bluetooth speakers are known for its design and features. This SBT 30 looks like a grenade, easy to pair, carry and use.

portable speakers


Battery=Built-in rechargeable battery

Bluetooth version=2.0

Other features=Built-in Microphone

One Cable for both Charging and Music Playback, 8 hours playback, hands free calls, Philips SBT 30 is easy to carry, pair, use.

So if you are looking for some portable speakers, Bluetooth speakers with rechargeable battery then you should consider the above wireless Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking for some more options to explore, I would suggest BOSE SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker, Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II, Creative D80, Creative D200 wireless Bluetooth Speaker and JBL speakers.

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