Clean Chrome and system with chrome extension.

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We use ccleaner and disk cleaner to clean our computer and some extension to clean our browser cache and history. It would be good if we have a single program to clean our browser and system. I use ccleaner to clean my system and ctrl+shift+del to clean cookies, cache and history. Basically am a lazy man, I was searching for a single program to clean all things without closing my browser. And yes I got it. It’s a Google Chrome extension. With it you can clean browser cache, cookies and has some system controls, which you can access without opening the control panel. Lets see what it can do.

If you want to prevent other third party applications to stop collecting your data, then this extension is a must. When using other cleaning application it will ask you to close your browser, but this extension won’t ask to close yoclean browser historyur browser. There are many applications that collect your browsing activities. To prevent it, this extension is a must. What can this do?

Will explain everything with images to make it clear.

clear browser history


clean browser history










When you choose the main tab you can see the following options.

Securely close browser>This option will close your browser and clear your browser data.

Clear private data>Clears your private data, that is clear all your online activities.

Cache and history> This will clear your browser history and cache. You can take backup of your history.

Scan for malware>Scans for malware.

Downloads>It will open your recent downloads and can clear your download history.

Cookies> Yes it clears cookies.

Disk cleaner> This option will allow to clean your disk, your hard disk.

Privacy test>Check and prevent others track.

Incognito> Nothing but private browsing. Yes its nothing !

Options>There are more advanced options you can choose from.

clear private data browser







At the bottom you can find cleaning level like low, medium and high. Just scroll down and you can find more option and settings for this extension.


clear chrome cookies











When you choose  Chrome tab you can check Plug-ins and Extension. As usual you can clear history and cache and DNS lookup. You can check for bugs and can generate passwords.

Next the functions of System tab.

DNS chrome












In this system tab you can see options that are related to your computer. You can access functions without opening control panel.

The last tab is donate. If you feel that this chrome extension is good and needs improvement you can donate to the developer. You can get this extension here.



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