Chrome extension for Pinterest.

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As you know Pinterest is the next fire of social network.But how to use it in a simple way without logging in to Pinterest from Google Chrome Browser?There are some extension and apps for it.Let me introduce it to you 😛 😀
1)How many people pinned this page?
This extension says how many people pinned this page
how many people pinned this pageGet the extension from here.
2)Pinterest Search:-
After  logging into Pinterest and if u want to know more about the pinned image just scroll over it and you can find a search option.By clicking it wil take you to Google Image search and gives your more result about pinned image.

pinterest image search
Get it here.
3)Pinn it quick:-
Wan’t to pinn a image without logging in to pinterest,not by using any extension?Here is the way you can pin an image just with a right click.No popup.

pinn quick with right clickGet it here.
4)Keyboard shortcut for Pinterest:
This is awesome.Keyboard shortcut for pinning an image:-

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P
  2. Choose a picture
  3. Choose a board
  4. Describe your pin
  5. Pinned!
    Get it here.
    Every easy 🙂
    Happy pinning 🙂


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