Check your Gmail offline !

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Have to check Gmail where no internet connection is available?Here is the solution for it.Google today introduced an offline app where you can check your mail anywhere even in place where there is no internet connection.

This app is powered by HTML-5,based on Gmails tablet app.

Click here to download this app.

After installing you can access the app in chrome’s”new tab”,currently it is available in Chrome web store.

Gmail offline

Allow offline mail

Would you like to use Google Mail Offline to manage and compose email when you’re not connected to the Internet?
[.]Allow offline mail
Copies of recent mail for will be synchronized and saved on this computer. If you’re using a public or shared computer, don’t allow offline mail. Learn more.
[.]Don’t allow offline mail
You can read and send email only when you’re connected to the Internet. Offline mail will not be saved on this computer.

Check [.]Allow offline mail.

It will take you to another screen:-

no internet check mail

That’s it now you can check your mail offline.

how to check mail in offline


Google didn’t stop with this offline app for Gmail,soon Google Docs and Calender offline will be available next week.


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