Best Power Banks That You Should Buy

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Power bank space is getting big in India. Everybody has smartphone today, the usage may vary on how he is using it. Smartphones have battery capacity ranging from 1080mAh to 3500mAh(milliampere hour). The problem is smartphones eat batter even when you keep it idle, most time battery gets drained when phone is kept idle.  Keeping it in mind, the smartphone manufactures increased the man of batteries, that too doesn’t work. I see many people carrying their charger with them where ever they go. You can see them often sitting below the electrical point always and plugging their smartphone in switch board for charging the battery, yeah! me too 😀

Factors that affect battery life:-

There are many factors that affect battery life in a smartphone. The main factors that affect battery life are by keeping

1)Data connection on

2)Bluetooth on

3)Using Apps that drain battery

4)Maximum brightness even in more light

5)Playing Games Often

You can’t uninstalling necessary apps that drain battery is impossible. But there are some smarter way to save battery.

Power Bank

OnePlus Power Bank

How to get better battery life in smartphone:-

First, many smartphone have their own built in battery saving function that will help you saving battery. Battery saver apps that are available in Google Play Store will never help you in saving battery life. They just steel your data which all applications do and will show an icon in the top. Battery saving apps are craps, they don’t and never work. There are many apps in play store to fool you.

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So what is the way to save battery life? Only technology can answer that question. But there is a product called power bank. Now I can see people charging power bank often instead of their smartphone. Power banks are available ranging from 2000mAh to 10500mAh, with that you can charge your smartphone two or three times. The best practice for buying a power bank is to choose a power bank which has a mAh that is bigger than your smartphone’s mAh. Example, if your smartphone is powered by a 2000mAh battery, buy a power bank which has a mAh more than your smartphone, in this case buy a power bank which is atlaest 2000mAh(milliampere hour) or more.

Best Power Banks:-

Best power banks? No one can say which one suits you usage, but there are some suggestions. Below is the list of best power banks, its features and specifications that are available in the market.

What should you check before buying a power bank:-

1)Choose a power bank that has a larger capacity than your smartphone.

2)Choose a power bank that has multiple USB ports to charge many devices.

3)Choose a power bank which has a UBS cable that is compatible with your device.

Apart from this choosing the power bank there is an important fact, yes the battery of power banks. There are two type of batteries that every smartphone is made of namely, Li-po (Lithium-polymer) and Li-ion (Lithium-ion). Android smartphones are generally made of Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries and iPhone is made of Li-po (Lithium-polymer) batteries. Make sure that both power bank and smartphone battery are made up of same battery type. 

NOTE:-Please check your battery specifications before buying a power bank.

Power Bank Price In India

Asus Zen Power Bank

Best power banks:-

Here is the detailed comparison of best power banks available in the market:-

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