Best Cloud Based CRM For Your Business

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Every company needs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software whatever the sector you are in-sales, service, product, SaaS etc., CRM is the need for the hour. CRM helps to manage customers and synchronise many departments like customer service, Sales, Marketing and Support. With a Cloud based CRM you can access CRM anywhere and at anytime.


How To Choose The Best CRM For Your Company?

There are about 24956234590 different CRM available in the World. So how to choose the best one your company need? My 5 step plan for choosing a best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is below.

Plan For Choosing Best CRM:-

1)Build a list of people who actually use CRM in your company. Write what are all the features they need after getting a list of needs from them.

“As________ needs to do ________ he/she needs ______CRM.”

2)Understanding who should do what, will avoid data loss and will create high security access in a CRM. Clearly write who should be given what kind of access, like

“As______ should not have access to _________ so that there will be no security issue.”

3)Check out some CRM available in the market. Chat with their support team, ask for features, price and ask for a trial version of the CRM every company will be happy to give a trial version.

4)Be ready for a change always. You don’t know how will be your company in the next 2-3 years. Always buy a CRM thinking your product, offerings might change so that no need to spend more in CRM migration.

5)Focus on easy use and flexibility. Don’t buy a CRM which has more integration of third party or plugins/modules into a CRM, but some important integration like Skype, Email is must. It will become slow and cumbersome to use.

Make sure it has a Mobile version too. It will be easy to manage on the go.


So what’s next? Now you should be ready to buy a CRM? I have a list of Cloud based CRM for you to check.



One of the best CRM in the market with a mobile app.  You can integrate it with Google apps, Outlook and quickbook. Once called as poor man’s salesforce and has now grown to a market leader which is posting profits in the CRM market. Zoho offers a 15 day free version and it has three version to choose from. There are many developers and Zoho certified partners who will help in customising the CRM according to your needs. Zoho can be integrated with Gmail, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter and man more.


Salesforce once offered to buy Zoho and fortunately zoho turned the offer down. Salesforce is the company which created the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is committed to its core policy. Salesforce has a pay as you buy plan. Plans start from USD 25 to USD 250, it has a mobile app for easy customer management.


An open source community edition of SugarCRM is available with which you can customise SugarCRM to your need. Price ranging from US $40 to US $150. The advantage of SugarCRM is, it has on-premise, cloud based versions and community edition for easy customisation. Advantages are integration to Lotus notes and partner network for implementation.


Insightly can be integrated with Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive Mailchimp, Google Apps, Dropbox and social media channels. It has a free account for 2 users, 14 days free trial and price starts from $12 to $99. There is an integration with office 365 and Outlook 2013 too.


SuiteCRM is a full-fledged open source CRM which can be integrated with all most all Google products and much more extensions available to easy use and report. If you like open source then SuiteCRM is the best you get in the CRM market. You can integrate it with Facebook, Twitter and many social media channels.

If you are running a small business go and give ZohoCRM, SuiteCRM and Insightly. As I said talk to them and ask for a free trial (everybody give you a free trail or 14 days free usage) use it, ask your employees to use them get feedback from them and go for full

The above five Customer Relationship Management applications are the best cloud CRM available in the market. If you feel some other CRM will beat the above all CRM please drop the name in comment box below.

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