Ask your queries and get answers. AskLocally, a smart app to get answers from real local people.

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My flight is delayed by 2Hrs, what can I do now?

Boring at my relative wedding, where to go now?

Reached my destination, but what to do now?

Best place to visit in my city.

Weekend trip, any place within 100kms of my city?

What is the best food in this restaurant?


There are many questions in everyone’s mind. Where to get an answer for this? Simple, just download AskLocally app. Ask a query and people from that locality will answer you. Interact with local people and understand your region better. This service is not limited to your city alone, you can get help from local people of new places that you visit.

Features of AskLocally:-

Ask your queries based on your location. Reviews from local people of that city. You can ask your queries anonymously. Ask any question related to business, places to visit, best Beverage, where to, etc. 

Download the AskLocally app for Android and Windows phone:-

Google Play store

Windows Phone

Download the app ask a question and get answers from real local people.


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