Apple Predictions For The Rest Of 2016

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Over the last ten years with the success of the iPhone, Apple have become the dominant force in the tech industry. That being said, competition – most notably from Samsung – is rife, and the company must continue to innovate to stay on top.

And sadly, it hasn’t really been doing much innovating in recent years. The iPhone has remained largely the same for over 5 years now, and the Apple Watch wasn’t an original idea. Still, the company is popular for a reason – they build quality stuff.

And with that, we look to 2016, and to the exciting announcements that await us tech fans. Buckle up, and have a read, because there’s plenty to get worked up about.

The Apple Watch 2 launches


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Or at the very least, it’s unveiled. The Apple Watch was a runaway sales success when it launched in April 2015, but critically, it received some criticism.

This largely stemmed from the fact that the watch couldn’t really be used fully without the aid of an iPhone. Rumors indicate that the Apple Watch 2 will rectify that issue, and boast a sleeker, lighter design.

But the question is, what’s the likelihood we see the Apple Watch 2 this year? The latest Apple stock forecast indicates that we will, with investors betting heavily on Apple stock. Do they know something we don’t? Maybe. It could signal the fact that a massive Apple product is close to launch, besides the new iPhone.

The iPhone 7 is revealed


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This one’s more of a sure bet than the Apple Watch 2, as we’ve been getting a new iPhone annually for years and years. The last iPhone we received was the 6S last year, so the next one will be that all important 7.

But what can we expect from it? As usual, it’s expected to be a significant revamp over the partially-upgraded S model. Industry pundits are expecting the home button to be removed in favor of soft buttons found on Android devices. That means the fingerprint scanner would be moved to the touch screen, and the device would gain more space.

Wireless charging is also expected to be a big deal, as it’s been notably absent from most Apple lines thus far. This would go hand in hand with the customary battery life increases, making charging an all around easier time. Elsewhere, there’s iOS 10, which should be as exciting as the new double digit name suggests.

The last, major feature that’s expected here is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This means the headphone would either be wireless, or would fit into the iPhone’s charging port. There are a few benefits to this, one being that the phone could be made thinner. It also means the audio will be higher-res if ran through the charger port. Only time will tell!

The force tough keypad for MacBooks


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And that’s not a Star Wars thing, either. A force touch keypad takes into account the force that a user applies to a key. There are many reasons why people expect this upgrade. Most notably, it’s because Apple already has a force touch trackpad on MacBooks. Why not make it into a keypad too?

Also, the force touch trackpad received some criticism on launch, for how similar it looked to a standard trackpad. Something tells me there will be some revamping done soon. Force touch means thinner MacBooks, and helps notify visually impaired users when they hit the correct key. Not too shabby for a keyboard eh?

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