5 Things Your New Website Has to Do to Be Successful

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When launching a new website for your business, you will often face stiff competition for traffic. Only the best websites manage to attract a constant stream of targeted traffic and become successful, and there are a number of things that your website will have to do in order to succeed. Here are five of the most important factors to ensure you get it right with your website.

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1. Engage Visitors Quickly

Whatever type of website you launch, whether a SharePoint website or something else, make sure that you engage visitors as soon as they arrive on the landing page.The first thing to do to engage them quickly is to create headlines that capture their attention. People view hundreds of headlines each day online, so you must make sure that your headlines give them a reason to stay, whether they are on your home page or your blog.

A good headline should provide a benefit or intrigue visitors enough to invest more time in your website. Get the headlines wrong, and visitors may simply click back to the search results and find one of your competitors instead.

2. Quick-Loading Pages

One of the main reasons why visitors will leave your website is if the pages load slowly. This technical problem can mean the difference between a sale and a disappointed customer, so it is imperative that you get it right.Give yourself the best chance of success by hiring a design team that can create a website where page loading times are never an issue.

3. Direct Visitors to the Right Place

Good navigation is one of the most important features of any successful business website. In the same way as slow page loading times, if visitors cannot find what they are looking for in a few seconds, you may well have lost them.

Make sure your website has a clear menu and submenus where visitors will find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of two or three clicks. Otherwise they may get confused and leave your site.

4. Convey Your Brand Message

Your website must convey your brand message in everything that it does. From the design to the colours to the fonts to the content, everything must be in tune with your brand image. If not, people will end up getting confused, and this could affect the reputation of your brand.

5. Be SEO Friendly

Getting people to find your website in the first place is key to its success, and SEO is often one of the most important ways to drive visitors to your site on a consistent basis. Make sure you talk to your designer about SEO and put it near the top on your list of priorities to ensure that you optimise it more successfully and drive more targeted visitors to your website.

Convert More Targeted Traffic

Getting your new website right is a challenge, but by making sure the following factors are present you will give yourself the best start possible. Bear in mind that the whole point of most business websites is to convert visitors in some way, and all of the above factors will have a role to play in this. However, to boost the success of your site even further, make sure you tell your visitors what to do through a few well-placed calls to action.

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